Our Whakapapa

Te Ahikaaroa ………Nōku Te Ao……….Te Pā o Rākaihautū

The whānau of Nōku Te Ao have been working on this exciting initiative since 2009. Nōku Te Ao is Christchurch’s first total immersion early childhood centre and was established in 2002 by Te Ahikaaroa Kapahaka in response to a baby boom in its ranks and a commitment to education.

In response to community demand and the persistent and substantial Māori under-achievement in our education system Nōku te Ao decided to extend its operations beyond early childhood. A committed team of parents sought to:

Reframe the problem – shifting the focus from “how do we build a better school” to “how can we achieve better learning outcomes”;

Redefine how, where and when learning happens best for our whānau; and

Redesign or “Learn-scape” the whole learning experience and environment by translating our goals, stories, learning philosophies and values into learning experiences, buildings, facilities and learning spaces that will bring our pā wānanga to life.

Te Pā o Rākaihautū is set to play an important role in the rebuild of Christchurch city. Māori education was in crisis before the earthquakes. We have an unparalleled opportunity now to rebuild not just what was, but what can be in a 21st century city. It is in this context that we believe the timing is right for what we are proposing.