Our Values

Manaaki tāngata
Uplifting the mana of those around us.
In Te Pā we will treat ourselves and each other with kindness, respect and compassion.

Relationship with the natural world
We aim to deepen our physical and spiritual connections to Papatūānuku and to restore the balance and inter-dependence of tāngata and whenua.

Every person in Te Pā will be supported to discover their own true talents, skills and passions so that they are able to confidently captain their own waka as they explore the world around them.

Contribution & Service to others 
Whilst our  whānau are exploring individual pursuits they will also learn about collective responsibility, contribution and service to others.

Confidence, Courage & Conviction 
Our whānau will have the confidence, courage and conviction to think for themselves and stand up for who they are and what they believe in, even when it doesn’t necessarily conform with popular opinion.

Humble in Excellence
Our tamariki and whānau will be expected to aim for excellence in all that they do; to go beyond their fears and comfort zones and seize the opportunities before them. They will also learn to celebrate their successes with humility.

Discovery through the eyes of a child
Discovery learning requires an environment where learning is fun and exciting; where mischief, curiosity and imagination are encouraged; where our tamariki and whānau experience both fun AND success in their school lives.