Our Curriculum

A good curriculum is one that provides clarity around how learning will be delivered in a school. A great curriculum enables and inspires rich, authentic and relevant learning.

In Te Pā we will:

Restore Māori teaching pedagogy, values, culture and identity as a foundation to educational success in a pā (village) environment that encourages the whole whānau to engage and participate in their own education.

Reconnect our whānau with place, people and Papatūānuku (mother earth).

Re-ignite a passion for learning, discovery and challenge.

Re-set expectations. Every child will succeed! Every whānau in the pā will strive and thrive!

As Bolstad and Gilbert argue schooling needs to be “unbundled”. Unbundling is “a process in which innovators deconstruct established structures and routines and reassemble them in newer, smarter ways. It involves multiple ideas and practices coming together in ways that could “re-bundle” learning and teaching to better reflect the context and demands of the 21st century world”.